3 ROAS, 50% Lower CPA:
TAO Clean Wins with UGC Ads


TAO’s ads brought $3 for every $1 spent.

50% CPA

New customers gained at half the previous cost.


Our ads effectively took over the spend.

The Challenge

TAO Clean is a well established brand in the health and wellness eCommerce space. But they wanted to improve the performance of their social media ads.

Here were the challenges standing in the way:

Woman holding tao clean product
Woman holding tao clean product
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They were working almost exclusively with influencers, 
so they needed to diversify their channels

While they had some good creatives, they had not yet found a standout winner to scale

Self care is an extremely competitive eCommerce niche, and ads need to stay fresh and innovative in order to stand out

The Solution

Hustler Marketing took a strategic approach to scaling TAO Clean’s ads, beginning with deep research on their audience and the production of effective ad creatives drawing on their extensive network of vetted UGC creators.

  • TAO Clean trusted us to think outside the box, test a variety of angles and creators, and push to find  winners
  • Within a few weeks, (and after extensive testing) we had found a winner in a “3 reasons why” style
  • We then iterated on that winning ad to refine and optimize it further. We changed the format into a story-based ad, and assigned a new creator based on what we were learning about the audience
  • By month X, we had turned this winner into a super winner, halving CPA and delivering a staggering Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.2

The Results

April 2024 saw incredible results. The winning UGC ad exceeded even our high expectations across all performance metrics.

People were watching it more frequently, and for longer. Most importantly, they were converting at unprecedented rates.

Metric Result
Return on Ad Spend
3.2 - effectively tripling their previous ROAS.
Cost per Acquisition
50% decrease in the cost of new customers.
Conversion Rate
58% higher than the same period a year earlier.
Hook Rate
49.4%, exceptionally high for an ad of this scale.
Hold Rate
12.96%, meaning longer views.
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Tao Clean Testimonial 4
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When “Good” isn’t Good Enough: Supercharge Your UGC Ads with Hustler Marketing

TAO Clean’s results show what’s possible when you pair a truly innovative product with an effective UGC ad strategy. Through constant testing, the Hustler Marketing team was able to engage new audiences and sustain that momentum, delivering better and better results for TAO Clean.

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