HOw BlenDJET Raked In Over
$600,000 In
Just 30 Days With EMail

Email marketing: Success Story


Email Marketing

$ 621,970

All through email marketing from Nov 17th – Dec 17th


$ 330,076

Gained directly from email automation flows


$ 285,240

Of earnings from email campaigns

About BlendJet

BlendJet had a simple vision– to reinvent how a traditional, bulky blender works.

The idea is to take the benefits of a blender on the go! They created a small power-machine that instantly makes fresh smoothies, shakes, or baby food. Anytime, anywhere.

From the office to the gym, now everybody can enjoy nutritious snacks and meals on the go.

As they were growing and scaling so fast, it became time to ramp up their email marketing efforts!

Their Challenge

BlendJet’s product and mission statement are unique, but they struggled to tell their brand story effectively in their emails. Adding on to their burden, their email automation and workflow setup didn’t exist.

Despite their amazing products, it was only a matter of time until competing lookalikes would undercut BlendJet’s prices through manufacturing shortcuts. They had to act quickly and win their customers’ hearts.

After a friend referred Hustler Marketing to them, they decided to reach out…

The Ultimate Goal

#1 To win customers’ hearts and tackle their needs at every stage in the sales funnel.
#2 To become a household brand name on a global scale.
#3 To reap 6-figure sales (or more!) during crazy Black Friday sales!

I love my blender so much I use it every morning and I’m ordering my husband one today!

–La Tasha F.

Our Solution

Hustler Marketing immediately rose to the challenge through research and analysis on BlendJet’s existing marketing, advertising, and branding techniques.

Then additionally, identifying dozens of opportunities to acquire and retain customers through email campaigns.

Our plan was simple and straightforward. We needed to:

• Optimize our automated flows and website pop-ups to fit the occasion.

• Outline the strategy we would follow with the campaigns.

• Rely on the solid base built through all the work done in the previous months.

Our strategy’s actionable items consisted of:

• Email opt-ins on their website to capture more customers

• Compelling promotional and nurturing content

• Behavior-based, automated email flows to cater to customers’ needs at various stages in the sales funnel

• Careful list segmentation for retargeting, weekly campaigns, curated and nurturing content

• Translating email campaigns into 5 different languages to reach out to as many customers as possible.

By building a complete email marketing ecosystem from the ground up, BlendJet successfully reached out to prospects at different stages of their customers’ journey.

But to achieve $300K in 30 days is no easy feat, especially on special occasions like Black Friday, when customers are inundated with emails! The team at Hustler Marketing got started on a masterplan.

Here’s what the team came up with for BlendJet’s Black Friday campaign:

The Black Friday Victory!

#1: Optimize flows for Black Friday

Send promotions several times a day for the next several days, even at unusual hours, to ensure the email would be seen amidst the deluge of Black Friday weekend.

#2: Optimize email captures for Black Friday

For non-openers, resend the same email multiple times. For openers who didn’t buy, send immediate follow-ups. For buyers, send an immediate Post-Purchase flow with a compelling upsell offer.

#3: Schedule newsletters and promos

These campaigns all pointed towards Black Friday savings and the suitability of BlendJets as Christmas gifts.

Their Success, Our Pride

Based on this carefully researched and developed foundation, the initial Black Friday email did very well, generating $26,000 in sales alone–in just one day!

The success over this 30-day period came from a combination of automated, behavior-triggered email flows (which generated $330,076), and the email campaigns alone.

During those 30 days, the email campaigns brought in a whopping $285,440!

The flows and their companion website email captures were carefully optimized for Black Friday.

At the same time, campaigns were sent and resent on a rigorous schedule in a way that kept open rates high.

And it didn’t stop there. Each email sent was based on the success of the previous email.

We tripled the efforts on what was working!

The email experts at Hustler analyzed the results carefully.

They responded quickly all day long, throughout the weekend, on CyberMonday, across the next few weeks, Green Monday and the rest of the Christmas shopping season.

Excellent deliverability signaled the need to increase the size of the next send’s segments.

However, open rates below 10% indicated a limit had been reached, and the following segments should be more conservative.


The strategy worked! It preserved high Open and Click-Through Rates for weeks!

From November 17th through December 17th, total email revenue was $621,970!

Revenue per email was impressive and more people were BlendJetting than ever.

Mission accomplished.

They Engaged
Us For

Market Research
Email Promos and
Nurturing Content
Email Flows

What Ryan
Has To Say


BlendJet CEO

“Email revenue is already at multiple 6 figures per month and still climbing…”

I was referred to Hustler by the CEO of a well respected Facebook partner company. I interviewed two other much larger email agencies, but after talking with Bostjan, I was convinced he’d overdeliver. Email revenue is already over $100,000 per month and climbing. They seamlessly handled our switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and created our flows all from scratch. They increased our open rates from 7% to 30%, and dramatically improved our deliverability by reducing our spam scores. Now they’re translating our flows into 13 different languages to squeeze out even more. These are world class people who take pride in their tireless work and drive significant ROI for us at a crazy a multiple of their monthly retainer. We’re thrilled with the team at Hustler!

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