Custom Jewelry Store Sees A 60% increase in store revenue With Email Marketing in 3 months

Better email deliverability, higher repeat purchases, and more engaged customers were just a few ways we got them there

Client Overview

The client, a global custom jewelry brand with over 67,000 customers in 70+ countries, were generating approximately $280K in revenue per month when they discovered Hustler Marketing in March of 2020.

After an email marketing audit, we discovered that this company’s beautiful product deserved better outreach and a more high octane email marketing approach.

After an email marketing audit, we discovered the following

For Improvement

  • Only 2 email flows were set up, missing a few other core flows.
  • Low number of emails delivered
  • Email creatives could do with more creativity.
  • High unsubscribe and bounce rates
  • And of course, revenue from email had an opportunity to grow exponentially



We started working with the brand in March 2020 and once the flows were polished to perfection, it was time to ramp up the regular campaign sending, starting towards the end of April. Within the next 3 months, it was clear we had found a gold mine that had been mining only basic metal.

Before And After
Hustler marketing

How did we achieve these stunning results from email marketing alone?

Without giving away too many trade secrets, let’s just say we attacked the following 5 broad pain points to get the most out of Email Marketing.

Send more emails: Divide into Flows and Campaigns

By this, we don’t mean just spam the inbox. But rather, ensure that all touchpoints in the customer funnel were targeted.

Email marketing entails a good balance of “Flows” (Emails based on a customer’s site behaviour) and “Campaigns” (promotion-led push emails by the company.)

Before Hustler Marketing came onboard, the client only had a single flow. They added 2 after our initial audit. Once we cam onboard, only did we refine and update their existing flows, we expanded it into 3 additional but essential email flows.

This ensured that we fixed the leaky bucket of losing a customer that was just a few steps short of completing a purchase.

Send more campaigns

Sending too few campaigns was another burn and weakness of our client. We jumped into solving this as soon as the flows were set up and firing on all 5 cylinders.

Be it for special occasions or a seasonal promo, we didn’t miss a chance to send a customised campaign. We also didn’t rely solely on “discount-led” promotions to drive traffic to the store. We did it with some top-of-the-line strategy, well-timed promotions, awesome creatives, and a hard-to-refuse offer that got the cash registers chiming in for the brand.

Enhance deliverability of emails

Now that we were sending 3x the emails, we wanted to ensure that spam stayed down, deliverability increased and more people opened our emails. So what we did was first secure the domain. This resulted in almost zero Spam Complaints recorded in Google Postmasters. This helped improve the rate of deliverability.

One pitfall of sending more emails was that the overall Open Rate went down. But that’s to be expected as more the emails, less the average open rate in the initial days of a change. (Basically, we would need twice the openers to get the same open rate as before)

But we got onto improving the Open Rates again with a combination of meticulous scheduling, better segmentation and better subject lines. Slowly, the Open Rate that had dropped down is coming back on track, even as revenue from a lower open rate continues to trend upwards.

Careful Segmentation

Like with most things, even in email, there’s no One Size That Fits All. All emails going out to all the customers is a huge wastage of marketing intelligence, and Klaviyo’s inbuilt segmentation capabilities. We drew up various segmentation lists, and created highly-targeted emails to all. For example we noticed we could afford to have a higher email cadence for the “Highly engaged” customer segment.

Re-engagement of the existing list

When we started working on the account, we did the first re-engagement of the list (before that, emails were already being sent to already engaged segments). Because of that we managed to increase the segment we are sending to, by 82.8%.

This first re-engagement always has the biggest result in terms of increasing the email revenue because many people who never got an email would be opening these for the first time. The re-engagement campaigns after that are still re-engaging a good amount of people but usually, the difference is not that significant because we are regularly sending such campaigns to keep as many people engaged as possible.

Design overhaul of email creatives and copy

Hustler Marketing prides itself on an army of the most talented and gifted visual artists and designers that weave magic in the simple art of email. Be it long form copy, arresting visuals combining all visual elements possible in the scope of an email, CTAs that will compel one to buy, and some marketing-insights driven strategy on leading with teasers, setting moods, we stopped at nothing to make emails for the client unmissable. And highly clickable.

And the


were here to prove that our efforts were working:

Here’s the success in numbers in a span of 3 months



Store revenue from email alone



Store revenue increase


Repeat Buyers

Happy Clients
Make For Healthy Businesses​

“We started working with Hustler Marketing earlier this year and saw a significant increase in email attributed orders. You really get the whole package and it’s so relieving not having to also spend time on the email side of our business anymore. Hustler Marketing team does everything and they do it all very well. A true pleasure working with you guys!”

The final Word

While we are thrilled at our success with this client within a span of 3 months, what we’re even more proud of is that we helped create more opportunity for another independent brand to take their beautiful products to a wider audience, enjoy a better relationship with their customers, and create the most value for their hard-earned marketing dollars.

Our journey with the client is still very new, and as our campaigns mature, incremental benefits accrue, and our systems gather more intelligence, the performance is only going to improve further.
Like they say, the game’s just begun.

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