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You might want to try this; it’s pretty simple and easy to do 

? If you`re in the e-commerce business and you`re not doing email marketing, you’re missing out. Just look at the facts, all reports that were done for email marketing in 2018, suggest in a similar manner that “Email is still the king of digital marketing.”?[Campaign Monitor, 2018] 

? In order to start doing email marketing, first, you need subscribers.


 ? As a result, there are many different strategies, tips and techniques on the internet that tell you how you can build and grow your email list.


 ? However, growing a list can be a lot of work, depending on the stage that your company is at.


 ? After you have a certain number of people on your email list, you have to choose an email service provider and email service providers obviously don’t work for free, depending on the number of people you have on your list, they will charge you proportionally.


 ? I have seen many companies that have been growing their email lists for years, and I have noticed something that was very surprising to me. Along the way, they could get very attached to that list and the number of subscribers they have. 


? Having a huge number of people signed up to your email list is a goal for everyone that is doing email marketing.


? When you look at the numbers it just looks and feels great to see that you have, let’s say a 100,000 on your email list, and you’ve worked hard to get there right? 


⏳ But what if I tell you that in reality, when sending emails you`re using only 20-40% of your email list, at least only 20-40% are actually opening and clicking your emails. Just take a look at your campaigns, it’s hard not to notice, that the bigger part of your list is simply non-responsive. You could simply be paying money for fake profiles on your list, possibly someone made it to get a discount code and is never using that account again, while month after month you’re paying your ESP more than necessary. 


There are many reasons why people might be non-responsive, the most common ones are: 

  • They’re using a different email address now
  • They started using competitor’s products
  • You may have spam issues

Side note: If your emails are landing in spam or in the promotions folder, you should take this very seriously, spam is a huge problem for ecom stores, there are many articles that could help you get out of spam more easily, we also have a few on our blog.


? However, this means that you`re overpaying your email service provider each month because you have a huge list and only a portion of the people on your email list are actually buying your products and are generating revenue. It’s like the 80-20 Pareto rule, I’m sure you’ve heard of it…


⚖️ This is individual for everyone, but if you have 100.000 people on your list, you`re probably paying your ESP around $1.100 – $1.300 each month, and if only 25.000 – 35.000 people on your list are actually active, this means that most probably the most optimal monthly plan for you would be to buy the plan that is slightly above those numbers, let’s say 40.000 – 50.000.


? By doing this you would be saving $400 – $700 each month. 

?Pretty simple right. 


? Now, here is the part that is a bit more tricky, before cleaning your list and deleting those that are not active, you might want to try to win back as many of them as possible. This is done with re-engagement and win-back flows, try to give them a very good reason to come back in these flows. 


? Even after you’ve tried this and they are still unresponsive, you don’t have to lose them for good, just simply export that unengaged segment and save it in Excel if you ever need it again or if you’re not sure whether this would work for you or not. You could be cutting your costs with basically zero risk. 


? As a side note: when doing this, you have to be very careful not to hurt your domain’s deliverability. It has to be done in a very precise and smooth manner.


? We at Hustler Marketing have been successfully doing this for our clients while saving them a lot of time and resources so they can focus on other areas of their business and let us do what we know how to do best. 


Stefan Atanasov,

Hustler Marketing 

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