Up to 13% higher opens of your emails in 45 seconds? ?

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What if I told you there’s a l33t h4x0r magic trick that would give you up to 13% higher open rates on your emails, INSTANTLY?

Well, you can thank me later, but here it is: simply resend your emails to non-openers a day later. Easier than stealing candies from a kid.

A huge MailChimp study (I hate the platform, but it was a good study) showed that simply re-sending an email can boost open rates up to 13% on average.

Okay, let’s take this further, what if you re-send the same email twice?

Yes, you’re right, the good old’ “just do more of what works.” You can boost the opens even further like that. Btw, there’s no set rule whether you should duplicate the subject line or use a fresh one, both can make a case and have a different camp of followers…

But there’s a dark side too.

The 2nd time you resend an email (to non-openers, of course) you will inevitably have a lower open rate. Depending on how low that actually is, it could hurt your deliverability in the long run.

Meaning spam issues, promo tab, and under 10% general open rates black hole thingy. Not a good place to be.

So be careful not to overdo it, and also not to like, re-send every single email you ever send out.

Anyway, check the screenshots for some visual support >>>

How to increase email open rate instantly.


You see what I did there? Sure, the open rates of the St- Patrick’s sucked since I was “forced” to blast the whole list for a while (client got educated since), but simply re-sending the email effectively boosted the open rates by roughly 5% and made extra 25% more revenue. The 2nd example from May confirms hypothesis (while having better opens too haha).

Not bad for 45 seconds of work.

Happy Re-Sending!

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