Pride Marketing Examples: 5 Great Campaigns (And What to Learn From Them)

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June is here, and that means Pride Month is in full swing! 

This time of year is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the identities, diversity, and history of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month also gives brands a golden opportunity to boost their reputation, establish deep connections with their customers, and drive growth. But only if your Pride Month marketing comes with the right intentions.

Today’s buyers are looking for more than just great products. They want to support brands that align with their values and support important social causes, including LGBTQ+ inclusivity. That means your brand needs to go beyond superficial gestures like rainbow washing. You need to show that your business is genuinely committed to diversity and inclusion.

But if you nail that, your ideal customers will choose you over your competitors. That means more repeat buyers, higher order values, and more moolah in your pocket.

To help you push the right buttons, we’re showing you 5 Pride marketing examples that earned a lot of love from the public. Let’s look at brands that set the bar high (and what you should learn from them):

  • Absolut® — Chosen Families
  • LEGO® — Everyone is Awesome
  • Levi’s® — Pride 2024 Collection
  • H&M — Beyond the Rainbow
  • Converse® — Proud to Be


Absolut® — Chosen Families

Absolut® has a long history of supporting LGBTQ+ causes. This Swedish vodka brand has been an ally since the 1980s when it was highly controversial for brands to do so. This heritage earned Absolut® great respect from the LGBTQ+ community. Since the early 2000s, Absolut® has launched dozens of inclusive campaigns that hit the nail right on the head. One of our favorite examples is their “Chosen Families” campaign from 2022. The clear message of “Here’s to the families you choose” celebrated the unique and diverse family units people form within the LGBTQ+ community.

Absolut® 2022 “Chosen Families” campaign
Absolut® 2022 “Chosen Families” campaign (Source: Absolut®)

Why this campaign works:

Absolut® didn’t just create a campaign for the LGBTQ+ community — they created it with them. This brand partnered directly with LGBTQ+ artists, consultants, photographers, customers, and employees. This makes their work truly representative of people’s diverse experiences. 

Absolut®’s history of supporting the LGBTQ+ community added real authenticity and credibility to its campaign. And their Pride-themed product isn’t just something they launch every June. Their Absolut® Rainbow edition is available year-round, and even pays tribute to Gilbert Baker ( the designer of the original Pride flag).

Another thing Absolut® got right is its continued LGBTQ+ advocacy, especially outside of Pride month. Their Out & Open Initiative helps keep gay bars open, and donations go to the NGLCC, an organization that supports LGBTQ-owned businesses. Since Absolut® is a key roleplayer in the alcohol industry, its involvement with gay bars cements its reputation as an inclusive and socially responsible brand.

This campaign definitely belongs at the top of our list of great Pride marketing examples.

Key takeaways for your brand:

  • Extend your impact — Don’t just limit your Pride Month marketing efforts to June. It’s essential to show ongoing support and advocacy throughout the year.
  • Collaborate with the community — Involve LGBTQ+ creators and professionals in the creation of your campaigns to ensure authenticity and representation.
  • Follow through on your promises Build credibility by consistently supporting LGBTQ+ causes over time. Donate portions of your sales to LGBTQ+ organizations, sponsor events, or actively work to keep your brand inclusive.


LEGO® — Everyone is Awesome

LEGO® made a powerful statement in 2021 with its “Everyone is Awesome” build set, released during Pride Month. This set was designed by LEGO®’s Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton, who is himself a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The global toy company showcased a vibrant lineup of LEGO® figurines representing the diverse identities of the LGBTQ+ community. LEGO® went beyond the normal Pride flag and included the colors of the transgender flag and a drag queen figurine.

LEGO® 2021 “Everyone is Awesome” build set held by their VP of Design
LEGO® 2021 “Everyone is Awesome” build set held by their VP of Design (Source: LEGO®)

Why this campaign works:

Remember that super-catchy tune from The LEGO® Movie about how everything is awesome? LEGO® tweaked it into a simple mantra for its “Everyone is Awesome” build set. This clever twist made the campaign feel nostalgically familiar to many of its customers. The brand integrated familiar elements like colorful bricks and assembly instructions in its Pride-themed build set, making it feel authentically like LEGO®.

LEGO® also received extra love for launching their “Pieces of Me” build set featuring Samira Wiley, an actor and well-known LGBTQ+ advocate.

But that’s not all. LEGO® is very transparent about how it incorporates inclusive work policies to ensure that its LGBTQ+ employees feel safe, heard, and welcomed. This genuine effort to create a welcoming environment speaks volumes about LEGO®’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Key takeaways for your brand:

  • Authenticity is everything — Don’t just slap a rainbow on your best-selling product. Find ways to genuinely connect your brand or industry to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Leverage brand familiarity — Use elements or messages that people already know about your brand to connect better with your audience.
  • Just be transparent — Be open and honest about your efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, inside and outside your company.


Levi’s® — Pride 2024 Collection

Over the last two decades, Levi’s® has built a respected reputation in the LGBTQ+ community. This includes everything from offering full benefits to their employees’ unmarried partners to backing the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2007. Plus, for 20 years in a row, Levi’s® also scored a perfect 100 on the Corporate Equality Index, which evaluates their workplace inclusivity.

This year, Levi’s® continued its support with its “Pride 2024 Collection”. This line of clothing celebrates LGBTQ+ rodeo culture from the ’70s and includes the signature denim jeans they’re known for.

Levi’s® 2024 Pride Month campaign
Levi’s® 2024 Pride Month campaign (Source: Levi’s®)

Why this campaign works:

In the brand’s words: “It’s not our first rodeo,” — a fun play on the fact that Levi’s has supported the LGBTQ+ community as far back as 1991. Customers value authenticity and continued commitment to LGBTQ+ causes, and Levi’s® got both things right.

Levi’s® campaign features LGBTQ+ dancers, models, photographers, and musicians, showcasing the diverse talent within the community on a global stage. Their annual Pride Collection also highlights a few favorite LGBTQ+ rodeo culture outfits, while keeping the denim love front and center.

In addition, Levi’s® makes an annual $100,000 donation to Outright International, a global organization that advances human rights for LGBTQIA+ people worldwide.

Key takeaways for your brand:

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative — Levi’s® took a fun twist on rodeo culture of all things! That shows you can have fun and think outside the box when expressing your support for LGBTQ+ causes. 
  • Long-term commitment matters — Building trust and loyalty within the LGBTQ+ community requires ongoing support and advocacy. A one-time effort during Pride Month isn’t enough.
  • Stay consistent Nobody says you have to redo your marketing campaigns every time Pride rolls around. Maintaining a consistent and progressive message of inclusivity builds credibility and trust with the LGBTQ+ community.


H&M — Beyond the Rainbow

Popular fashion retailer H&M launched its interactive “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign back in 2021. But even today, it still stands out as one of the best Pride marketing examples. The company developed a dedicated app where people can share inspiring Pride stories by scanning any rainbow flag.

H&M’s 2021 “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign
H&M’s 2021 “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign (Source: H&M)

Why this campaign works:

H&M’s campaign cuts straight to the point by saying that “Pride is more than just a flag.” In a world where Pride Month is often commercialized with superficial displays of rainbow-colored products, H&M’s campaign delves deeper. It acknowledges that Pride represents a rich tapestry of personal experiences, struggles, and victories.

The authentic storytelling by LGBTQ+ individuals (including some actual H&M employees) makes this campaign credible and authentic. This genuine representation reinforces the message that Pride is a lived experience for many people, not just a marketing opportunity. In fact, H&M’s campaign didn’t even push customers to make a purchase. The call to action was to scan a rainbow flag and be inspired by the Pride stories of other people. 

Lastly, H&M pledged a $100,000 donation to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign, which champions equal rights and fair treatment for everyone. H&M also supports a few mental health initiatives to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Key takeaways for your brand:

  • Amplify LGBTQ+ voices — When possible, feature LGBTQ+ people prominently in your campaigns and allow their diverse stories to take center stage.
  • Don’t push for sales — Focus on building genuine connections rather than solely promoting products. When customers feel truly connected to your brand and its values, they’re more likely to make purchases and become repeat buyers.
  • Honor Pride Month authentically — No matter what form your campaigns take, it’s crucial to never lose sight of the true meaning and importance of Pride. Remember, all the great Pride marketing examples focus on the real-life identities and diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.


Converse® — Proud to Be

This sneaker brand just launched its 10th annual Pride Collection campaign, “Proud to Be”. The campaign focuses on a vibrant range of shoes designed by Converse®’s LGBTQ+ employees and allies. The shoes themselves feature trendy Western details, joyful pops of color, and a customizable sneaker option with lots of ways to create your own unique pair of shoes.

Converse® 2024 “Proud to Be” campaign
Converse® 2024 “Proud to Be” campaign (Source: Converse®)

Why this campaign works:

The active involvement of LGBTQ+ employees and allies in the design process lends authenticity and personal significance to the collection. By tapping into the creativity and experiences of individuals within the community, Converse® ensures that the designs authentically reflect a whole host of LGBTQ+ identities.

The incorporation of Pride design elements, such as nods to the transgender flag and vibrant colors, celebrates diversity in a visually striking way. This allows customers to express their pride and identity through their footwear, fostering a sense of empowerment and belonging. 

Beyond the designs of its shoes, Converse® has pledged and donated nearly $3M to local, national, and international organizations since the launch of its first Pride collection in 2015. This shows the brand’s continuous commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and lands them a spot in our list of memorable Pride marketing examples.

Key takeaways for your brand:

  • Go bold with your designs — Create eye-catching designs that celebrate LGBTQ+ pride and diversity. Don’t be afraid to use all the colors of the rainbow!
  • Keep your copy simple and true — Use clear and authentic messaging that resonates with LGBTQ+ communities, avoiding excessive jargon or gimmicks.
  • Tap into the LGBTQ+ community’s own creativity — Collaborate with LGBTQ+ artists and advocates to infuse authenticity and creativity into your campaigns, ensuring representation and relevance to the community you’re celebrating.


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