Thomas McClintock

“How Intimate Are You with Your Email?”

Hustler Marketing is a different kind of agency. For example, we invite “Guest-Star Marketers” to present the latest aspects of email marketing. They’re not a job requirement, but each Zoom is filled with dozens of interested faces and includes a lively Q&A. Recently veteran ecommerce crusher Tim Kilroy joined us for an eye-opener based on

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Hustler Marketing Helps Trailblaze Email Marketing’s Next Steps

We all see trends, sometimes just as they happen. But even better is to be part of building one, and seeing it rise from foundation to ground floor and upward. Klaviyo responded to profound changes in data-driven retail by building revolutionary software. It’s since left competitors in the dust. Hustler Marketing saw what was happening,

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How Targeting the Unengaged Improves Your Bottom Line

We all know that inbox providers would love it if you only sent emails to engaged segments. The more you send to people who aren’t interested, the more spam-filter rejection you will face. On the other hand, sending only to those who have opened, clicked or bought will make you more welcome in the inbox

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Emerging Trends
Stefan Atanasov

Email Marketing’s Future: Change Lanes to Head in a New Direction

Email’s death has been announced repeatedly, but it’s never true. It’s not dying, it’s evolving. Are you following the trends? Do you have ideas of what’s coming next? Do you know what your competition has been working on, and do you have a comprehensive email strategy? Careful, because if you’re just on cruise control, you

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6 Psychological Triggers you can’t miss in your Email Marketing

Everything is looking fine. You’ve got a big email list, progress on spam issues and thousands of people waiting to be convinced to buy your product. Not that easy. Optimizing the conversion rate of your email recipients in the long term is a tough job. The good news is that psychology can help you succeed.

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How to increase your monthly store revenue to 38%

Are you still doubting the importance of email marketing for your store?📧 If yes, you have just lost 38% of monthly revenue.   Don’t rely on promos or nurturing campaigns alone. For persistent sales, even when store revenue drops, use flows (a.k.a. automations). You must have read a million times about segmentation’s importance for email

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Double Your Pop-up Conversion Rate with these Tips

We all know how cool pop-ups are and how useful they are in capturing customers’ emails. But, how can we actually optimize it to get an awesome conversion rate? And, how can we actually track your beautiful pop-up performance with Klaviyo? I’ll explain everything in the following article, so keep reading. Pop-up Best Practices: –

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Tick Tock
Marko Kojadinovic

Tick Tock… Time is running out

  Timers embody scarcity. As such, they are very powerful — an email silver bullet that announces “going-going-gone.” This provides busy subscribers immediate information about your promotion. It also increases sales in the process.   But using timers too often has the opposite effect because it erodes trust. The store’s urgency takes on a hollow

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Increase revenue
Anna Hrychukh

How to Double Email Revenue

Following all the segmentation rules? Seeing good open rates? Click rates solid? So where’s that promised revenue increase? Isn’t there supposed to be a pot o’ gold at the end of the Email Marketing Best Practices Rainbow?🌈 Here’s where some of that gold is, and how you can get ahold of it without bargaining away

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