Much is said about avoiding the spam folder and ways to improve deliverability. 📬Every marketer wants to be read, or else any effort in delivering engaging content is in vain. Even though spam traffic worldwide has been decreasing for the past years, more than half of all email today is still spam.⚠️ If you want

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Ettore Bellò

How to reach the Inbox consistently 📩

What if all your emails are heading straight to spam? 🤔 And Gmail lands in Spam? 📧 Gmail is one of the most important email providers. Gmail relies on user feedback. Basically, it tracks all the actions you make after receiving an email: marking the email as spam, replying to the email, moving it to

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How an Apparel Shop Earned its Email Revenue 3 Times Over In 3 Months

The start of this story is typical: a busy e-commerce store marketing across multiple channels to varying degrees of success. In such situations, email marketing is often neglected which is ironic because it’s the online channel that offers the most control. Unlike paid traffic, email puts you square in the pilot’s seat 💺 of your

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Homer Simpson with hands raised screaming YOOHOOO on a blue background
Sócrates Lozano

More campaigns = more $$$?

Can you increase email revenue just by increasing frequency? Send more campaigns each week to make more money. Ok. Sounds obvious, a little too easy and almost dumb, but hey someone had to say it 😉 🚫 But hold on a second… won’t I hurt deliverability, annoy my customers and burn out my list? Yes,

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Email marketing 9k campaign breakdown
Bostjan Belingar

🤩💰3-day-9k promo: breakdown of email marketing elements 🔝📫

🎉No long ass content post this time. Just a pure breakdown of actual strategies. Every single one of them deserves a post on its own (check the group I probably wrote about it before).   Multi-day promotion instead of single-day blast. Initial stages were split-tested. Highly segmented sending: firstly hot list, then active buyers, active

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