Maks Levstek

Emotions – the Secret Sauce of Successful Marketing

Can emotion improve your email strategy?  🚫 No, I’m not suggesting you should be an emotional wreck when running an email campaign. I am talking about understanding the emotions of your customer and how to apply this understanding to improve your email revenue.  If your recipients emotions are only vaguely in the back of your

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List Hygiene
Rokas Raskevicius

How a Clean Sending List Can Make all the Difference

The Big Mistake Most List Owners Make You go to a lot of trouble to collect email addresses. You create tantalizing email captures, customized according to user behavior and equipped with compelling offers. You may build email address validation into your form to guard against typographical errors or misguided privacy zealots. You use an opt-in

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Best Sellers
Marko Kojadinovic

How to Explode Best-Seller Revenue

It’s an e-store dream come true: you launch a new product that quickly becomes a bestseller, feeding so much voracious demand that you can’t even keep it in stock. This dream occasionally happens, maybe a bit more frequently than you would think, with a little preparation. And, with a little more planning, your revenue doesn’t

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How to Reach Gmail’s Inbox Consistently

What if all your emails are heading straight to spam? 🤔 And Gmail lands in Spam?     📧 Gmail judges you based on your recipients’ reactions   Gmail surpassed long-time heavyweight champion Apple Mail earlier this year. That makes it now the most popular inbox provider with nearly a 30% market share. Because of

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List Expansion
Augustinas Pocevicius

How to Blow up Your Email List

So you heard that many people make tons of money from email marketing and decided to give it a shot? Congratulations, you are already on the right path! However, if you have never done it before I am sure this path ain’t gonna be easy. One of the common issues that you will probably face

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Find your VIP’s. Treat them special. Profit.

✨ Everybody wants to be a VIP. It feels good to be treated specially and cared for. It’s human nature. So there is no reason why you should keep ignoring your best customers! But we can’t treat them to extra discounts, special offers and early access to sales and product offerings if we can’t identify

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Sócrates Lozano

Send to More People & Profit (Easy Hack)

Expand segments, maintain deliverability and reach more people, the smart way.   So you decide to walk the path of light: no blasting of your entire list, but, instead, preserving your deliverability. Even improving it. Or, at least, saving it.                                                                                    You’ve already segmented engaged customers. It’s much smaller than your full list, but it guarantees

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Repeat Buyers
Marko Kojadinovic

Double Repeat Buyers In 3 Months

  Repeat Buyers Matter 🙋🙋🙋   1. Repeat buyers spend more Up to 300% more. Repeat customers buy more over time than new customers. They also are more likely to trust you enough to buy your more expensive products or services.   2. Repeat buyers close easier Marketing to prospects only closes 13% of the

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