How to increase your monthly store revenue to 38%

Are you still doubting the importance of email marketing for your store?📧 If yes, you have just lost 38% of monthly revenue.   Don’t rely on promos or nurturing campaigns alone. For persistent sales, even when store revenue drops, use flows (a.k.a. automations). You must have read a million times about segmentation’s importance for email

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Double Your Pop-up Conversion Rate with these Tips

We all know how cool pop-ups are and how useful they are in capturing customers’ emails. But, how can we actually optimize it to get an awesome conversion rate? And, how can we actually track your beautiful pop-up performance with Klaviyo? I’ll explain everything in the following article, so keep reading. Pop-up Best Practices: –

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Tick Tock
Marko Kojadinovic

Tick Tock… Time is running out

  Timers embody scarcity. As such, they are very powerful — an email silver bullet that announces “going-going-gone.” This provides busy subscribers immediate information about your promotion. It also increases sales in the process.   But using timers too often has the opposite effect because it erodes trust. The store’s urgency takes on a hollow

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Anna Hrychukh

How to Double Email Revenue

Following all the segmentation rules? Seeing good open rates? Click rates solid? So where’s that promised revenue increase? Isn’t there supposed to be a pot o’ gold at the end of the Email Marketing Best Practices Rainbow?🌈 Here’s where some of that gold is, and how you can get ahold of it without bargaining away

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Want to save 💲500 each month🤔?

You might want to try this; it’s pretty simple and easy to do  👑 If you`re in the e-commerce business and you`re not doing email marketing, you’re missing out. Just look at the facts, all reports that were done for email marketing in 2018, suggest in a similar manner that “Email is still the king

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Charity Partnerships
Stanislav Miljanović

💝 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 How to Use a Real Charity to Help Grow Your Ecom Store ☮️ 🕊️

In this post, I’ll explain exactly how we used a real charity partnership to help increase our client’s 2nd-time buyers by a whopping 84%. Sounds awesome? Then stick around to learn exactly how to do that for yourself!  If you’re a smart Ecom owner you’re aware that growing a business is much more about giving

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Creative Offers
Augustinas Pocevicius

Unique offers that will boost your $$$

You think you made a great promo, but it didn’t perform well and you don’t know why?😨 Well, I am sure one of these 3 main points is insufficient: ✔️Engaging offer ✔️Interesting copy ✔️Appropriate list All of them are important and should be balanced, however, sometimes even a good offer is enough to make your

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Best Sellers
Marko Kojadinovic

Are you getting the most from your bestseller?💡

Most probably your best selling product is selling so fast with a good reason, but that does not mean people never abandon the buying after putting it in the cart.🛒 So to increase the purchases of that product you don’t want customers/prospects to go through the general Cart Abandon flow, which you use for all

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