Author: Thomas McClintock


Freeing Yourself from the Spam Folder’s Chokehold

    You just started taking email marketing for your store seriously… 👮‍♂️ You used to simply send promos to your entire list and hope for the best. But the best never came. Instead Open Rates gradually declined and you found yourself sending more and more emails to make less and less money per send. 

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Impossibly Beautiful Email Design

Automation is changing marketing at a fundamental level, on a daily basis. Only moments ago, I reached out on Slack to a software expert in another country.?? We brainstormed a way to automate the process of enlisting Facebook Group members to subscribe to an email list. It wasn’t that long ago that I had to

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List Nourishing: Transforming Product Fans Into Brand Fans

You started out with a single-product Shopify store, and it blew up. You’re doing amazing with steadily increasing revenue. But you wonder how long is this gonna last? You know you need to expand your product line, but doing so is risky. More ad spend, product testing, customer education, and maybe it’s all for a

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Thomas McClintock

“How Intimate Are You with Your Email?”

Hustler Marketing is a different kind of agency. For example, we invite “Guest-Star Marketers” to present the latest aspects of email marketing. They’re not a job requirement, but each Zoom is filled with dozens of interested faces and includes a lively Q&A. Recently veteran ecommerce crusher Tim Kilroy joined us for an eye-opener based on

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Hustler Marketing Helps Trailblaze Email Marketing’s Next Steps

We all see trends, sometimes just as they happen. But even better is to be part of building one, and seeing it rise from foundation to ground floor and upward. Klaviyo responded to profound changes in data-driven retail by building revolutionary software. It’s since left competitors in the dust. Hustler Marketing saw what was happening,

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How an Apparel Shop Earned its Email Revenue 3 Times Over In 3 Months

The start of this story is typical: a busy e-commerce store marketing across multiple channels to varying degrees of success. In such situations, email marketing is often neglected which is ironic because it’s the online channel that offers the most control. Unlike paid traffic, email puts you square in the pilot’s seat 💺 of your

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