Author: Stefan Atanasov


Permission Marketing’s Popup Paradox and How to Build Your List

Growing an email list is no easy task, especially as privacy concerns and advertising competition increase. The most effective method is to drive traffic to an online property like a website, lander or social media page. Then present an enticing email capture form.  For years, email captures were a static website element. Webmasters would place

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Emerging Trends
Stefan Atanasov

Email Marketing’s Future: Change Lanes to Head in a New Direction

Email’s death has been announced repeatedly, but it’s never true. It’s not dying, it’s evolving. Are you following the trends? Do you have ideas of what’s coming next? Do you know what your competition has been working on, and do you have a comprehensive email strategy? Careful, because if you’re just on cruise control, you

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Want to save 💲500 each month🤔?

You might want to try this; it’s pretty simple and easy to do  👑 If you`re in the e-commerce business and you`re not doing email marketing, you’re missing out. Just look at the facts, all reports that were done for email marketing in 2018, suggest in a similar manner that “Email is still the king

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