Author: Bostjan Belingar


Do pop-ups still work or not?

  Remember, back in the 90s when pop-ups, well, popped up on your screen, we all felt like what the heck – how many times do I have to click that cross? You know what they say about first impressions being the last! That feeling exists even today because pop-ups are still regarded as a

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Email marketing 9k campaign breakdown
Case Studies
Bostjan Belingar

🤩💰3-day-9k promo: breakdown of email marketing elements 🔝📫

🎉No long ass content post this time. Just a pure breakdown of actual strategies. Every single one of them deserves a post on its own (check the group I probably wrote about it before).   Multi-day promotion instead of single-day blast. Initial stages were split-tested. Highly segmented sending: firstly hot list, then active buyers, active

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