7 Types of Email Campaigns You Can Add to Your Content Strategy

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7 types of email campaigns you should add to your marketing strategy

If you’re here, you are probably starting to notice email as one of the most effective marketing channels right now. Or you have known all along and are looking for some inspiration and new ideas. 

As an email marketing agency that works with dozens of eCommerce brands and oversees hundreds of millions in revenue, we know how to harness the best of email campaigns to create more engagement, drive more store traffic, and eventually earn more store revenue. After the 5 Essential Flows, we present 7 Types of Email Campaigns your store should include in its content strategy. 

1. Types of Email Campaigns: Newsletters 

If you check your inbox right now, chances are you have a considerable number of newsletters competing for your attention. Newsletters are pretty popular in the email marketing world because they can help you connect with your customers, build your brand, and they are a regular source of traffic that’s ready to boost sales. 

What exactly are newsletters? It’s basically any valuable content and non-salesy content that you share with your list because it has something to do with you, your products, or your relationship with your audience. 

Email newsletters can be molded to fit various purposes:

  • Your goal is to educate people about your product? Share the best tips and tricks to take advantage of the specific product you’re selling. 
  • Do you have new products and want to boost their sales? Send a “Just in”/”New arrivals” email showcasing the new products with engaging copy and clear CTAs.
  • Is your goal to stay top of mind? Share the latest news about your business and your industry.

Here’s an example of the latter, from our very own Hustler Marketing newsletter. We curate various sources of internal content (blog posts, reports, interviews, etc), and repurpose them to share them in little capsules with our subscribers, asking them to check out more on our website.  


Types of Email Campaigns: Newsletters


If you’re looking for a different approach, take a look at this newsletter from a brand that has nature preservation at its core, and tries to stay top of mind as a green brand. 


Types of Email Campaigns: Nurturing Newsletters

A newsletter is what you make of it. Ask yourself, if you were in a gathering with your customers, what would be interesting to share with them, what would they be excited to hear, or what would be useful to them without it being a sales pitch. If you need more inspiration, take a peek at our favorite newsletter campaigns at our Email Hall of Fame. 

2. Types of Email Campaigns: Product email

Product emails can come in the shape and form of featured product campaigns, product launches, or product updates.

A. Featured Product

Choose a product. The selection criteria can vary. Maybe you’ll want to showcase a winter best selling or a summer favorite, depending on the season. Maybe you want to showcase your best-selling item to all the subscribers that haven’t placed an order yet- If you are not sure about the product to showcase, you can never go wrong checking your data. Which is your most browsed product? Is it a best-seller? Has it been getting a lot of clicks lately? 

Once you have your featured product, take the chance to make them shine bright. Educate your audience about what the product is, how it works, when and where to use it, and all its unique selling points. 


Types of Email Campaigns: Featured Product Template


B. Product Launch

Are you introducing a new product to your store? Have fun with it and build the anticipation of your list. Create a product launch email sequence with a teaser, an announcement, and then the release. 


Product Launch Email Template


C. Product Update / New Features

You updated your product or service to adapt better to what your customer needs. Great! Now, catch your subscribers’ attention with an email announcing the new features and how they will benefit from the product update. This type of email presents a great opportunity to regain the attention of your existing customers and boost your returning customer rate


Types of Email Campaigns: New Features / Product Update Templates


3. Types of Email Campaigns: Sales / Promotions

It’s lunchtime and you receive an email from your favorite restaurant announcing a deal that you can’t miss. That’s great timing. But that’s essentially what every sale/promotion email should aspire to: make your audience notice a problem and offer them a solution at the right moment.

These emails usually follow this structure:

  • First things first: Showcase the sale, discount, or promo.
  • Describe the benefit or the price saving.
  • Explain why buy and what’s in it for the customer. 
  • Explain the details of the deal: what you get, for how long it’s available, and how much it saves them
  • Have a clear CTA (Call To Action) to place an order


Sales/Promo Email Templates


4. Types of Email Campaigns: Event

Are you opening a new brick-and-mortar store? Or are you hosting a webinar? Prepare a strategy that builds up to the date of the event itself.

  • Invite your leads through an appealing launch email campaign. Show your audience the value of your event by explaining what it is about and why they should invest their time and money in it.
  • Hype people about the event by sharing new and important details as the event approaches in your campaigns.


Types of Email Campaigns: Event Template


5. Types of Email Campaigns: Blog repurpose

If you have a ton of valuable content in the form of blog posts. The great thing about content is that it can be repurposed and remolded time and time again. Let’s see how to do this successfully:

  • Pick a relevant topic: Check your blog stats and identify the most popular article or topics from your website. Chances are your list is interested in them and you can take advantage of that through your emails, by staying relevant and top of mind without relying on heavy discounts every time.
  • Think and decide: Maybe this post did great in your blog. But, is it interesting and relevant enough to work for email too? Does it have a strong hook that will make your subscribers scroll until the end? If you answered no, find a new topic. But if you’re answer is affirmative, go to the next step.
  • Create your email campaign: You have two options. You can shorten the content of your post to a paragraph and include it in the email followed by a “READ MORE” button that takes the reader to your blog. Or you can actually take the content and include the most important information to create an educational email that redirects to a specific product or collection.


Blog Repurpose Email Template


6. Types of Email Campaigns: Replenishment / Subscriber service reminder

A replenishment email is sent out to customers to remind them to restock on a certain product. It can be a great campaign idea for the beauty, food and beverage & vitamins, and supplements industries. You can send this kind of email through flows (automated and highly personalized) or through campaigns to different segments according to the date of their last purchase. 

If you have a subscription service, you can also send campaigns about it to the people that haven’t subscribed yet and educate them about the benefits of it. Take this example from a natural supplements store.


Types of Email Campaigns: Replenishment / Subscription Service Reminder


7. Types of Email Campaigns: Back in stock

If you have a star product that always sells out really well, then a back-in-stock campaign should have a spot in your campaign content calendar. Try sending an email letting your list know that their favorite product is back in stock and they should get it before it’s gone again. This email covers a couple of angles. First, the social proof of knowing that if it sells a lot, it’s because people are really liking it. And second, it produces FOMO, which can give people that little push they need to place an order. 


Back In Stock Email Template


While preparing your content strategy, don’t forget that what makes a brand successful is not only its one-time buyers, but those customers that place orders time after time. Drawing a content strategy that speaks to them and nurtures your relationship is essential. These are just a handful of types of email campaigns you can include in your content calendar. Be creative, mix them up or find new and fun angles to catch the attention of your leads and customers.

Now that you know which types of email campaigns to send to your audience, boost your click rates and conversions with these 6 Must-Have Psychological Triggers. 

Too busy and looking for professionals who can create timely, beautiful, and effective email campaigns for you spanning all of the above? Get in touch with us.

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