35 USA Election Themed Fun Subject Line Teasers For Absolutely Non-Political Emails

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As the political arena gets charged up in the USA, with the final presidential race drawing to a close, email marketers are itching to get on top of their topical game.  But political content is a bit of a slippery slope. You don’t want to take a side, and run the risk of polarising your audience. But hey, that doesn’t stop us from standing up a cheeky email subject line or two, does it? I mean this is a once-in-a-4-year and hard-to-miss opportunity. You can always use other awesome subject lines any time of the year, but this is the only chance to use these now!

Whether you’re Team Trump or Biden Tribe, we ain’t judging, we’re here to help you come up with cheeky subject lines should you decide to have a piece of the election pie.  You already know that a killer subject line is 90% of good email marketing.

So we put on our best (non) MAGA hats and came up with these amazing puns to use as election themed Subject Lines. Use these subject lines to create, fun, punny teasers, and then go on to reveal the email content that ties into the subject line with an offer or a product reveal.  Feel free to borrow one to use in a single email or use an entire series of these teasers, your campaign is sure to get higher open rates coming and laughs going! (Psst, don’t forget to run these by your business owner before hitting ‘send’!)

  1. “We bet, you can’t Trump this offer” (the email body reveals a great offer.)
  2. “We were Biden our time to reveal this” (A new product showcase maybe?)
  3. “Your morning Covfefe never tasted better!” (If you’re a coffee brand, maybe?)
  4. “The only Russian involvement in this is the goodness of the Vodka” (Great subjectline, if you market a Vodka company!)
  5. “All aboard” (the <product> train)
  6. “Your morning cup of Joe (not-Biden)” ( Again, great one for coffee brands to run a day after the elections if Joe loses)
  7. “The real winner is this “insert new product/discount offer>”
  8. “We all win today”
  9. “The one thing that unites America is …” (Start with the teaser, and reveal the love for <product> in the email body)
  10. “We’re divided on this…” (“whether we like this <product> or <product> more.
  11. <Product> for president!”
  12. “America voted for this”
  13. “The debate ends here” (the email body goes on to say “ours is indeed is the best Blender in the world!”)
  14. “It’s all over” (Say, in case of a Trump win which is likely to disappoint more people than the other scenario. The email copy could reveal to say “The old stock that is. Here’s all our new products”
  15. “It’s a conservative estimate” (“that this product will get sold out in the next 24 hours.”)
  16. “Red vs Blue” (which of these you like more? Show two of your products in the red and blue variants)
  17. <This> wins the popular vote”
  18. “Exercise your right to choose” (amongst the best of our <product range>
  19. “The only party that matters” (is this parka party!)
  20. “Choose Liberally” (with the number of products available, you don’t have to pick only one.)
  21. “Your vote counts” (“tell us which one you like most”)
  22.  “Hard on ballot, easy on wallet” 
  23. “What just happened?” nice one to use a day after the election results. Reveal a great sale. “All these products just went on sale for the first time!”
  24. “The end is near”
  25. Let’s make American look great again” (Great hook if you’re an apparel or accessories brand.)
  26. “MAGA hats are sold out, but these ain’t” (Opportunity to plug your hats, if you’re a merch company)
  27. “This is why you should’ve voted” (to use a day after the elections. Reveal with “now we have chosen the winner of the best <Health Supplement” we have”)
  28. “The campaign is heating up” (With all these offers)
  29. “Don’t believe the polls” ( All those online. Try and buy.)
  30. “Here’s a better duo than Trump & Pence” (if you are selling pairs of something)
  31. “There’s no debate. We have the best deal” 
  32. “Shopping by mail > voting by mail” (why go out to shop when you can shop online?)
  33. “Here’s the latest points tally” (Reveal products and how many “brownie” points they have on the preference scale or something.”
  34. “Not your average Joe!” (This is a much better <product>)
  35. ….you tell us in the comments!

While we don’t know yet, who between Trump or Biden is going to end up the 46th President of the USA after a bitterly-fought, and rather strange election campaign (what with the pandemic in the background), we know this event is going to be content gold. While, we should keep in mind the black-out dates for sending promotional emailers during the election day (Nov 3rd) itself, let it not stop us from having some election themed fun in the days leading to and after the results, and aim to get that sweet sweet email Open Rate buzzing again.

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