1 Simple Hack To Decrease Spam Complaints

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? Decrease Spam Complaints By Excluding People That Are Inside Flows From Campaigns ?

When it comes to sending emails to a certain list, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. That would be deliverability, expected open and click rates, and amongst some other things, spam complaints.

?Getting the emails into spam is the worst nightmare for any store, as it should be. It can ruin pretty much all of the email strategy and possible extra revenue. So, avoiding getting your emails into spam must be within your top 3 priorities.

? Here is a simple action that can help you decrease your spam complaints:

One of the main reasons that might take your regular client into marking your email as spam, is receiving too many emails, as simple as that. This is a fine line, on one hand, we don’t want to leave money on the table by simply not sending enough emails, but on the other hand, we want to diminish the odds of getting ourselves into spam.

One simple solution you might want to consider relies not on sending less emails, but instead on excluding people that are inside of your flows from receiving campaigns and avoid them from getting bombarded with emails from all sides.

? How can you do that? Here’s how…

1. Create a Tag for each flow.

 On every single flow that you have, you should create a new profile property, which in the following example is – Flow as Welcome (the example used in here is a simple Welcome Flow). Keep in mind you should remove this tag at the end of each flow. (Please refer to image 1 & 2 below)


2. Create a segment that includes all of these tags.

 After creating the respective tags for each flow, the next step is to create a segment that will include all of them. (Please refer to image 3)

3. Exclude THAT Segment From Campaigns.

 Now that you’ve taken all of the previous steps, this should be the easiest one, and the one that will connect all the dots.

You simply have to exclude the segment you just created from the campaigns you want to send.

This will prevent people that are inside any flows of receive campaigns until they are out of them. People won’t be interrupted mid-flow with some random campaign and will also won’t receive too many emails consecutively, reducing the chances of spam complaints.

? Bonus: You know the smart sending option, right? Well, this will help you reduce it as well.

This is just one of many other possible actions that need to be done if you have a serious spam problem, but we could be talking about that all day. If you need further counseling on this you can always hit us up at Hustler Marketing and we’ll be very glad to lend you a helping hand if you ask nicely of course ?

Leonardo Lima, Hustler Marketing

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