You Could Be Losing Revenue By Blindly Trusting External Email Marketing Apps And Websites

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I’ve just recently migrated one of my new clients from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. He was using a bunch of different apps together with Mailchimp, and I needed to analyze the copy in those so I could prepare/tweak the new stuff for Klaviyo. But here’s a  shocking thing I observed about using these external apps and websites to manage email. 

Recart cart abandon email went straight to spam on my Gmail.

A big f*cking problem, right. Cart abandon could single-handedly be worth 5% of your total revenue, and more of the profit. No need to pay for the ads when you’re selling via email…

So in this case (check pic), Gmail thinks that the Recart sender is the “bad guy”, labels it as “spam” and you’re basically fucked. The worst thing is, nobody tells you about that.

You’re doing your thing, running the store, and thinking you’ve got cart abandonment handled. Yet a big bunch of your cart abandons go to spam. Have a look at the numbers of 30 days on Recart vs 30 days on Klaviyo. More revenue, more opens, more clicks on Klaviyo.

Trust issues problems with external apps.

And here’s the kicker – notice the delivered emails (check the pics!) 6000 delivered emails on Recart, and 1000 on Klaviyo. So better revenue in one-sixth of the time.

I’ve checked Recart’s website and they’re even saying things like “going into spam is inevitable”, “test email goes to spam just because we send 3 together” etc. I disagree, going into spam is NOT inevitable.

Anyway, there are many many external apps you are probably using. I know more of the ones linked to email, conversio, recart, aftership, and some opt-in ones like Wheelio, Justuno, and privy…

And there’s a BUNCH more. Some are awesome, some suck balls, some are just okay.

I’m not saying don’t use apps, I’m just saying that don’t blindly trust the fancy website and a few good reviews, but rather TEST their performance.

If it works, great. If not, screw them.

And a final word of advice – if it takes 5min to set up and run, it’s probably not the greatest marketing tool ever developed. There are many variables to an ecom store’s success, and a 5min fix will rarely do that.


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