??Do you even “welcome flow” bro? // $10,000 extra/mo in a few hours ??

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When I see an e-commerce store running very high traffic, and NOT running a welcome email flow to an email capturing popup, I become very happy.

Because it’s really easy for me to generate $10,000/mo extra for them just with that.

Think about this for a second – you run a lot of traffic to your website right? And then what happens to it?

They either buy or leave. If they leave (which is probably more than 95% of people) you just wasted a bunch of adspend money.

Unless you’re capturing emails of course. Actually not doing it is kind of dumb, unless you have a very specific strategy of say driving all the traffic straight to the checkout.

So exactly how do capturing emails make $$$ for you?

Let’s say you have 10,000 monthly visitors. With a conversion rate of 2%, you will get 200 purchases, and 200 people will be added to your mailing list so you can hit them up again.

If you use Privy, or Justuno, or Wheelio, or some other email capture mechanism, you could be converting roughly 10-20% of visitors into emails. That’s 1,000-2,000 of people per month. And then if you covert 10% of those into buyers via email, you’ve just doubled your sales.



Personally, I dislike Wheelio because the quality of the people is kind of crap. Plus it applies discount automatically, so you’re NOT training people to open emails. I prefer to tell them to go check their email for the welcome gift, and then have them come back to the website and buy.

Classic Pavlov conditioning, lol.

Basically capturing emails will increase your ROI per $ of adspend.

Anyway, here’s my process:

#1 Visitors comes to website

#2 On exit intent, they get offered a welcome gift if they drop in their email via popup.

#3 They drop the email and a message flashes: “Thanks for subscribing, check your email for the gift we just sent you :)”.

#4 They go check their inbox where a plain text welcome email is waiting for them. A few nice words, blah blah, plus a button “Claim my Gift Here”.

#5 The button sends them back to the website and notifies them that 20% off the first order has just been applied to their whole order.


Ideally, you tell them with a different popup on the website that triggers after they land on site, or if it’s too techy you can tell them in email already.

#6 If they don’t buy, they enter a sequence of 3-4 emails that try even more to convert them to buy. Bigger gifts, scarcity, social proof, guarantees etc.

Welcome flow email explained

10% conversion rate over the few days of people in the flow is a very achievable number. PLUS you can hit all the people that don’t buy up with future promos etc.

Please use a welcome flow on a popup 🙂

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