??$90,000 Email Holiday Sale [Case Study + How To]??

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We always tell our clients that segmentation is key. Blasts of 200K emails to your entire list are long over, and will even hurt your deliverability as well as bring almost zero results.

So how did we get $90,000 with email in just 10 days, from a list of only about 30,000 people? ?

Panty dropper: of those 30,000 people, 2,000 brought in a whopping $40,000.

Okay, so how do you find those 2,000 people that will spend $40,000 on you and how does a good holiday promotion look like? ?

The promo angle for this Holiday Sale was 7 products in 7 days – each day a different product was offered. But don’t worry about the angle and the offer, you can change them up.  The key here is in the email flow logic and segmentation. ?


? [Part 1] The $$$ Segmentation: We created 4 segments based on buying behavior/engagement ??

1️⃣ The Engaged Early Bird Segment

We took the Engaged Segment (definition of who is engaged will depend on your list) and sent them a sequence of emails inviting them to an ‘early birds’ list telling them if they get on the list they’ll get the best deals.

The automated sequence had re-sends for non-openers and follow-ups for those who opened but didn’t get on the ‘early birds’ list.

We later marked all the people who got on the list and named them ‘early birds’.

2️⃣ The VIP Segment

Simply included everyone who had a history of total orders of $500 or more and excluded the early birds.

3️⃣ The Engaged Buyers

These were all the engaged buyers, but only the ones that DID NOT opt-in to the early bird list.

4️⃣ The Engaged Non-Buyers

These are engaged non-buyers, that did not opt-in to the early bird list.


? [Part 2] The $$$ Email Strategy ??

We created 4 automated flows (a different one for each segment) that last 9 days and give 1 new product offer each day.

The offer email goes in the morning, a re-send to non-openers mid-day and a follow-up to those who opened but didn’t buy goes in the evening.

Everyone gets at least 1 email per day for each product that we promote that day, but only non-openers get 1 more mid-day and opener non-buyers get the 3rd email in the evening.

This is tricky to nail, read it again. This is how you make emails effective yet not annoying. ?

The emails were targeted (in copy and design) and different for each segment and the offers were good for the Engaged segments, better for VIPs and the best for Early Birds.

After we promoted all 7 products in 7 days, we gave the Last Day promo with offers for all products at once (if someone missed a day) and after that a ‘thank you’ email for everyone. ?

? [Part 3] The $$$ Aftermath ☢?

Early Birds had less than 2K people in it but made us $40K

VIPs had just above 2K people in it but made us $22K

Engaged Buyers made us 16K.

Engaged non-buyers made us 5K.

We’ve also done some work with manual campaigns later because not all the copy was ready, so the total aftermath came in at more than $90,000 in 10 days. This took the average email percentage of total revenue of this client from 44% to 66% in December.

? That’s insane. ???

⛔️ Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind this is NOT possible to do with any list. You need to have products that people actually like, and you need to treat your list well over time.

Even if your list and products are kinda “meh”, you will still make much more with a strategy like this, than by sending out 2 random promo email blasts to your entire list.

Anyway, show some love if you liked this, and I’ll do my best to answer some questions in the comments. ??

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