?3 Types of eCom stores and how much you can REALLY make with email ??

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In this video I’ll break down the 3 common types of eCom stores and what kind of repeat purchase rates (basically email marketing) you can expect from them.

I’ll explain the 3 store types with practical examples, and give you pros and cons to each of them. In the end I’ll give you a few secret niches that are killers for repeat purchase rates & email in general. I’ll be answering questions in the comments.

You can find the video here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jfawLjxLXBtNG-CBHr2DGlxwjSyljZyg

If you’re interested in more I’ve written about this topic here in the past and lots of people found it interesting. You can use the “search” function and type in my name, and you’ll see that posts and some others. Go crush it, everyone, Bostjan ??

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