How to Use a Real Charity Or Attach To A Cause to Help Grow Your Ecommerce Store?️

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In this post, I’ll explain exactly how we used a real charity partnership to help increase our client’s 2nd-time buyers by a whopping 84%. Sounds awesome? Then stick around to learn exactly how to do that for yourself! 

If you’re a smart Ecom owner you’re aware that growing a business is much more about giving than taking. If you’re just thinking about yourself it’s likely that the market will crush you.

Following that logic, you’re probably seeing a trend in e-com businesses that is businesses partnering up with charity organizations. And let’s be honest, they do it to show their target groups that they give back. There’s more posturing than real genuine intention to help. There’s nothing wrong in showing your truth to the world, you actually do care and are helping. 

The tricky thing is that when you’ve already put all that effort into: 

  1. Finding the right charity organization, that aligns with your core values
  2. Doing a thorough background check to make sure they are legit

However, no one noticed

  • Your cause is just sitting there, collecting virtual dust on your navigation “shelf”, and it has no effect on anything.
  • All the e-com gurus said it’s beneficial for your business, but none of them told you how. 

Most stores try to use the “charity card” on potential buyers, and that’s when you get to read that cringy copy telling you that if you buy, some kid far away will get to… well, eat. 

The big problem with that approach of using the charity (“we give 10% of every purchase…”) as a conversion asset is that nobody wants to be shamed into donating to charity.

Plus, if your product needs to play that card to get sold, it’s just not good enough. 

And it’s even worse if it doesn’t need it, then you’re just looking like that weird dude who stops people on the street and tries to sell them birthday cards to raise money for homeless children, allegedly.

But put your emotions to the side now, even if he is really selling it for those kids, the fact is that he’s not effective, ‘cause most people just hate being shamed into charity. ?

Here’s How We Grew the Repeat Buyers by 84% In The Last 90 Days With Help From A Real Charity

Let’s set the scene briefly, here’s what happened:

We got a store in the health niche that sold replenish-able products (you use them in and out and need to buy more). Great potential for return buyers and a long customer lifecycle, but not living up to it.

Among the other parts of our strategy to grow the customer lifetime value, one of the key things was using the charity this store supports in our Post Purchase Flow (automated email sequence).

But note that a person receives this email sequence only after they bought once already, just after the first purchase, in fact. So instead of using it to make someone buy, and making them cringe, we used it to make that person feel proud when they discover they already supported a noble cause.

Because the charity organization our client is collaborating with is real, we even told the stories of the children who benefited from the customer’s purchase, explained how they benefited, shown their picture and linked the charity organization with the instructions for the customer to check themselves and make sure it’s true.

And what did all result in?

2 Time Buyers – 1060 to 1946 grew by 886 or 84%

3 Time Buyers – 421 to 633 grew by 212 or 50%

4 Or More Time Buyers – 655 to 949 grew by 294 or 45%


So think about this, dear e-com owner.

I know you want to affect the world positively, use that to your advantage and you’ll make even more change possible! 

Thank you for reading, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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