?Epic Email Sale Re-Send Strategy – $11,600 instead of $4,300? ?

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I’ll give you something beautiful today. An epic email re-send strategy, that is insanely easy to implement and yet very potent if done right.

It’s easy because you are just doing multiple resends of 1 email. It’s potent because it can double or even triple the total email revenue of the promo in the end.

Please don’t do this every week though, or you WILL piss off a lot of your subs 🙂

Day 1
Send Email 1 to your engaged segment

Day 2
Re-send Email 1 to everyone who received it yesterday, but have not opened. Do not change a dot in it.

Day 3
Re-Send Email 1 but add an HTML countdown timer somewhere in the body. Keep the same subject line, but add [Ends Tonight].

Send this to both your active segment and if you feel like a baller also to your inactive segment.


Resending email strategy


Extra notes:

Your inactive segment should only be emailed VERY sparingly, once every 2 months or once a month, otherwise you will mess up your sender reputation and start to have very bad open rates in general.

If you want to put in a little more effort, then you can create tweaks and varieties of email one that gets sent to the people who open. This adds a little more personal touch and is great to really show customers they’re not just a number. Even if they are. I’m joking. Or am I?

Anyway, I like to call them reminder + last call. It’s too complicated to write but I’ll drop a pic in the comment below.

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