Want to Increase Your Revenue by 20-30% Through Ecommerce Email Marketing? Keep Reading.

Our system regularly monetizes existing ecommerce email lists & optimizes
incoming traffic to increase bottom line profits by up to 80%

  • In order to qualify an e-commerce business must make more than $500,000 in revenue.

Ecommerce businesses we've partnered up
with and delivered results to:

"Email revenue is already at multiple 6 figures per month and still climbing..."

— Ryan, BlendJet CEO

… I was referred to Hustler Marketing by the CEO of a well respected Facebook partner company. I interviewed two other much larger email agencies, but after talking with Hustler, I was convinced they’d overdeliver. Email revenue is already at multiple 6 figures per month and still climbing. They seamlessly handled our switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and created our flows all from scratch. They increased our open rates from 7% to 30%, and dramatically improved our deliverability by reducing our spam scores. Now they’re translating our flows into 13 different languages to squeeze out even more. These are world class people who take pride in their tireless work and drive significant ROI for us at a crazy a multiple of their monthly retainer. We’re thrilled with the team at Hustler!

Here's what you'll get:

A Complete audit of current email marketing pratices

We’ll assess your current email marketing assets and data and deliver a strategy based on what currently works best in your industry to get the highest performance possible in week 1

Hands-off launch of your new email strategy

Upon your approval, we will launch the email campaigns and automated emails flows so you don’t have to hire extra staff or put in weeks of work. We have you covered.

Campaign Testing And Advanced Segmentation for Profit Maximization

We will look deeply into campaign performance data every week and use existing processes to determine optimal send frequency, targeting and which offers to run to maximize  your list profitability

Customer lifetime value optimization

We will analyze your customer behavior and set up corresponding automated email sequences. Welcome, cart abandon, add to cart, browse abandon, re-engagement, re order, VIP…We`ll select and implement the best flows for you!

Commercial delivery

New product validation, Referrals and Reviews

Are you regularly testing and launching new products? We can help you optimize and improve this process. Additionally, we can help you engage your VIPs & High Spenders, creating surveys, asking for referrals and reviews.

Peak season email marketing

In some niches, 75% of sales come during the peak season. We will optimize your email marketing based on proven campaigns tailor-made for this season. Have you read how we`ve made over $600,000 for BlendJet in Q4 of 2019?

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What happens next


Your free consultation & evaluation


Your kick off call with our expert


Running regular campaigns and flows

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